New Items coming out ! Diamond Hole Punches ISSUN-HABA(30mm in width)


Thank you as always.

We added new items to our lineup, which is about 30mm in width. We’ve had feedback from our customers that they want a product having many prongs. At the first stage, we started to develop the wider Diamond Hole Punches combining a round bar and sheet metal by trying to keep the same previous design standard as much as possible. Even after a lot of trial and error, it was difficult to flatten the round bar and widen it to over 30mm, and so we couldn’t succeed doing it this way.

Then we thought that making things in a simple shape needs deep understanding of tools, materials etc. Then at last after about two years, we’ve made a new mold for wider Diamond Hole Punches.

With the new mold and more labor on the manufacturing process, we’ve finally completed the items. You can feel the same quality as our standard items and more efficiency when using.

Please try them out !


Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations.

Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations
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