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B936・B701ーF・B198・B702-F (Checked Bevelers)

Carving Tool

B936・B701ーF・B198・B702-F (Checked Bevelers)
B936細・B701ーF細・B198細・B702ーF細 (ベベラ)
B936細・B701ーF細・B198細・B702ーF細 (ベベラ)
B936細・B701ーF細・B198細・B702ーF細 (ベベラ)

Item Name

B936・B701ーF・B198・B702-F (Checked Bevelers)


B936 ¥400JPY
B701F ¥450
B198 ¥450
B702F ¥450



Stamping Tool for Carving leather


① The head part will be symmetrical so you can finish the surface without making a ridge pattern on the leather surface when you hit the tool repeatedly.
The head part has a sharper pitch than the conventional tool, so you can hit in much narrower places and also it’s OK with places where cutting lines are closer.
② Engraving tool number and “MADE IN JAPAN”.
③ Whole tools are tempered.
④ Knurling the body part makes it nonslip when you use it.

Usage & Maintenance

User's Manual

Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations.

Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations
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