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Tan (8 kinds of Item variations)

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Tan  (8 kinds of Item variations)
Tan/タン  特注色工具(全8種類)ご希望の組み合わせでお作り致します
Tan/タン  特注色工具(全8種類)ご希望の組み合わせでお作り致します
Tan/タン  特注色工具(全8種類)ご希望の組み合わせでお作り致します

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Tan (8 kinds of Item variations)





You can select any item from 1 to 8


1-Special Pro Stitching Groover Includes: blade, Small spoon, Divider blade, Allen key and Polishing compound
2-Stitching Groover Includes: Polishing compound
3-Edge Beveler sizes: no.1・2・3 (3types) Includes: Polishing compound
4-Pro Edger sizes: no.0・1・2・3・4 (5types) Includes: Sharpening Rod, Water resistant paper no.800, no.1200 and Polishing compound
5-French Edger sizes: FE-1・2・3 (3types) Includes: Water resistant paper no.1200 and Polishing compound
6-Overstitch Wheels Includes: 3・4・5・6mm cogs (4types)
7-Pro Overstitch Wheels Includes: 3・4・5・6mm cogs (4types)
8-Groover Includes: Polishing Compound and Allen key

①We’ll assemble any tool from 1 to 8 in any color you like.
(item number: 8types, 16items including size variation)
You can order the item like below:
example→ Edge Beveler no.2, Tan, 1unit

②The cap on the handle is made of brass. It is made by hand on a one by one basis and there is a line on it to improve the appearance.
And also, the caps are fixed with tiny nail of brass.

③Ebony has a natural color and the natural wooden handle can be colored in Tan, Mahogany or Walnut.
Only the Ebony handle has two lines on the lower part of the handle.

④For your reference, ④is our standard color.

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Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations.

Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations
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