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Edge Bevelers (3Types)

Hand-sewing Tool

Edge Bevelers (3Types)
へり落とし (刃幅3種類)
へり落とし (刃幅3種類)
へり落とし (刃幅3種類)

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Edge Bevelers (3Types)


No1 ¥950JPY
No2 ¥950
No3 ¥950


No1(0.8mm)・No2(1.0mm)・No3(1.2mm) ( )=The blade width


Trimming and smoothing edges of leather


It has been commonly accepted on the market that Edge Bevelers have dull blades. The finish quality of the edge is one of the most important parts for leather craft so we created these tools in response to user’s expectations.

①Our artisan sharpens the blades on a one by one basis and tests them on leather sheets, to make sure that it cuts very well.
We ship the tools, putting oil on to the blades to prevent rust and cover it with a vinyl tube to protect it.

②Using tool steel, tempered whole tool, gray coating prevents rust.

③Engraving the size number and “MADE IN JAPAN”.
no.1 is for thin leather, no.2 is for middle thickness leather,no.3 is for thick leather.

④For trimming, push the tool at an angle of 45 degrees.
Push forward the blade at a constant speed.

How to resharpen the blade:
By putting Polishing compound and a few drops of oil on the trimmed side of the leather and pulling off the blade on it, you can get the sharpness of the blade again.
If you can’t sharpen the blade well, you can use our “Resharpen blade business”.
(“Resharpen blade business” is mentioned in OKA FACTORY’s 4 commitments )

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Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations.

Please feel free to inquire about anything and also asking for quotations
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