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Adjustable Swivel Knife (3types)

Adjustable Swivel Knife (3types)

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Adjustable Swivel Knife (3types)

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S(9mm : diameter of body part),M(11mm)、L(13mm)  


When you do cutting for leather curving.


On conventional tools, most tools have a screwing structure, so it’s easy to be shaky and unstable to hold.
The blade is made without care and no coating, so it’s easy to get rusty.
We’ve developed our tool in a simple structure, stable to hold, well sharpened and coating on the blades, so as to do even a delicate cutting.

① Loosen the screw on the body to change the length.

② The body part, the inside of the shaft and the yoke are plated so as to prevent rust.

③ Blades : Using tool steel, the whole blade is tempered, gray coating prevents rust.
Sharpened on a one by one basis by hand. Engraved the size “2” and MADE IN JAPAN.

④ Improved the yoke shape to be more rounder so as to fit in with your finger better when being held.

⑤ Size range : S(9mm diameter of the body), M(11mm), L(13mm)
You can choose it depending your hand size or your design.

⑥ Knurling the body part prevents from slipping.

⑦ This Swivel Knife can be used with our 5 types of Swivel Knife Blades and Groover Blade.

≪Maintenance ≫
*When the blade sharpness becomes dull, you can put a little oil on a thick paper and rub some polishing compound on the paper, sharpen the blade as pulling back.
You can use our “Resharpen blade business” if you can’t sharpen it well.
(It’s mentioned on “OKA FACTORY’s 4 commitments)
*Put some oil onto the joint part between the yoke and the shaft inside when the yoke doesn’t turn smoothly.

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N'hésitez pas à nous poser vos questions et à nous demander un devis.
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