Premium tools expand the leather crafting world

Our motto is "premium tools expand the leather crafting world".
Oka Factory offers the very best and easy to use tools.

Tools by Oka Factory

Diamond Hole Punches 4mm(space between prongs)

Hand-sewing ToolDiamond Hole Punches 4mm(space between prongs)

Size:4mm(space between prongs) 1・2・3・4・6(prongs)

-Tempered -Sharp edges with polished prongs so when you pull out the tool, the leather won't be damaged. (more...)
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Thonging Chisels 3mm (prong width)

Looping ToolThonging Chisels 3mm (prong width)

Size:3mm (prong width) 1・2・4・5(prongs)  
Pro Stitching Groover

Hand-sewing ToolPro Stitching Groover

- This tool carves grooves for hand sewing. Grooves can be placed from 1mm to 1cm from the edge of the l (more...)
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Pro Overstitch Wheels

Hand-sewing ToolPro Overstitch Wheels

Edge Bevelers (3kinds)

Hand-sewing ToolEdge Bevelers (3kinds)

Size:No1・No2・No3 (Total 3variations)
Pro Edger (with Edger Sharpening Rod) 5kinds

Hand-sewing ToolPro Edger (with Edger Sharpening Rod) 5kinds

Size:No.0(0.6mm)No.1(0.8mm) No.2(1.0mm) No.3(1.2mm)No.4(1.4mm)

- Made of high quality steel - Tempered and rust proof - Capable of being used over and over by sharpen (more...)
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Stitching Awl

Hand-sewing ToolStitching Awl

Size:No.1(S) No.2(M) No.3(L)

- Made with high quality steel. - Completely tempered blade. - The blade's width is completely uniform. (more...)
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Pro Punch

Hand-sewing ToolPro Punch

Size:Diamond-Shaped Hole:
Size 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Rectangle-Shaped Hole:
Size 2mm, 3mm
(1,2,3 and 4 prong types)

- This tool doesn't make much noise. - We developed this tool with Kyoshin Elle & CO.,LTS. and made it b (more...)
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